Friday, December 28, 2007

I don't know why I do it to

I usually leave work in time to catch the last 1/2 hour of the Garey Forster and Anthony Patton show on Does anyone else think these jokers are EXACTLY like the radio hosts from the Simpsons? There is no time for any useful dialog because they are too busy laughing at their own jokes and playing "wacky" sound clips. I really wonder if either of these fucking people have a brain.

But for some inexplicable reasons I keep tuning them in, just too see how retarded it will get. Almost every day is a new low for them, and it's kind of fun to listen to the train wreck. I have to imagine that the producers are scrambling for a new show.

Couhig is also a retard, but I'm not in my car early enough for him to inflict damage on my life. I did hear him one time try to explain the sub-prime problem and it was hilarious to hear how absolutley wrong his explanation was...inconcievable!

The best part about was their commercial about how they are "The Real New Orleans" and had "No Gimmicks"...look fuckwits if you put a fucking dot com after the name of your RADIO station you have a gimmick, if you allow your PM drivetime hosts to fill half their airtime with pre-recorded comments you have a gimmick, and finally if you say you have "no gimmicks" you have a gimmick...fuck you.

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