Wednesday, December 19, 2007

"Our Mayor" may be stupid, but you are fucking moron

Ahhhh...what would we do with out the wit and charm of James Gill. You know the guy that looks like a drunk Santa ready to molest some kids in his online photo (not that I have any proof that he is a drunk, or molest kids, or even is a Santa for that matter).

That fuckwit just wasted over 1000 words based on a misquote from "Our Mayor". "Our Mayor" has said many unbelievably stupid things over the past several years, but now it seems when the editorial staff at the Times-Pic doesn't have anything to write about, they just make up a quote. (The funny part is that almost everyone will believe it, because "Our Mayor" has said so many stupid things.)

Here is fuckjobs article where he ponders what the mayor could ever mean by What we have here, he explained, is "a no-win win situation." Notice the strangely placed quotes.

Here is the wwl article, that doesn't selectively quote the comments, and says, “It's a tough decision because there is no win-win here,” Nagin said. “Regardless of what they decide, which I've had many of these types of decisions, somebody's going to be upset."

In the immortal words of James Gill, "So we will still be left wondering which side has the facts right...", yes, apparantly we will, and after all isn't that the point of media?

Maybe time for you to retire dickhead?

BTW, this is not meant as a defense of "Our Mayor", I just believe that for once in his tenure he took the correct side of this argument and doesn't deserve to have a fuckjob like James Gill take him to task on a misquote.


Leigh C. said...

Oy vey.

oyster said...

Gill misquoting Nagin is indeed lame. But I wouldn't say he wastes 1000 words, because Nagin's quote was simply an easy dig that served to bookend the column which summarized the housing debate fairly clearly, in my view.

spawnofjohn said...

Oyster, I disagree. Probably not on a fundamental level but on more of a symbolic level.

If I asked 100 people in New Orleans if "Our Mayor" said that crime was good because it keeps the brand out there, I bet 90-100 of them would say "yes".

But, that was not his quote either. I remember seeing the report on TV and thinking that quote is going to get chopped up. When I get some time I may look for the exact words, but it was something along the lines of: "Crime is problem, but it keeps the New Orleans brand out there, it lets people know that we are still not allright."

Not my choice of words, but not as bad as crime is good, that's our brand.

But once a misquote gets accepted, there is very little anyone can do to back off of it. My problem is not that it hurts "Our Mayor", but that it hurts us. It makes us look incompetent.

I think you forget that most people are not as smart as you, they think in sound-bites and one-liners. They will accept whatever they read, or worse they will believe whoever makes them laugh.

Of course it doesn't help when "Our Mayor" pulls a stunt like claiming he voted when he CLEARLY didn't. And that is why my disagreement is more symbolic than fundamental, because in some way he deserves it...all of it.

spawnofjohn said...

Oyster, sorry...I thought you downplayed the importance of what Gill had done, in re-reading your comment, you didn't...we're good.

bayoustjohndavid said...

Even at his best, Gill has always been lazy. He'd rather go go for the easy dig than involved analysis, but I think something more's going on when it comes to Nagin. Gill is paid to find fault with public officials, that's his role among TP's three op-ed writers, but he's reluctant to question the mayor's integrity. I have no idea why, although I do have one theory involving Gill's ego and one involving his spinal cord, but it leads to him focus on the "gaffes," even if he has to distort to make the gaffeslooks worse than they are -- or create the gaffes all together. I certainly agree that they embarrass the city more than the mayor.